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Ventilating soft connection
Page view: Public Time:2021-01-25
   The canvas soft connection uses 10 * 10 pure cotton canvas as the main material, the foil skeleton selects 5-8mm steel wire, the wall thickness can reach 1.5-3 mm, the specification is 300,320,350,400,650,720,840,1000,1240 mm, the length is 1500,2000,2500,3000,3500,3500 mm canvas soft connection has the function function function function function function function function:
    The canvas soft connection has smooth and smooth interior, beautiful appearance, uniform air permeability, large conveying capacity, fast speed, large stroke, stable size, ventilation and wear resistance, long service life, energy-saving and environmental protection, convenient installation, and small occupied space, no noise at work for easy construction and other advantages. Widely used: For gas guidance, mechanical ventilation, chemical industry and industrial ventilation, etc. .
    The canvas soft connection is mainly used for long distance pipeline compensation of pulverized coal pipeline and long distance pipeline compensation of flue gas pipeline of power plant. It is mainly made of high wear-resistant and high temperature-resistant flexible fabric material, so it is called non-metal fabric compensator, the non-metallic fabric compensator can absorb the displacement and vibration of the flue gas duct caused by heat expansion and cold contraction, because the flue gas usually has a certain high temperature, so must be made of high-temperature resistant materials, commonly used high-temperature resistant materials are silicone skin, fluorine rubber skin and other materials.
    Canvas soft connection and ventilation equipment are widely used in engine room, basement, tunnel, municipal pipeline project, underground cable maintenance, mechanical shipbuilding project, fire protection and smoke extraction, etc. . Canvas telescopic tube is wrapped by canvas, wire ring for the skeleton, to canvas for the tube body, color can freely choose two necklines can be customized according to requirements, convenient connection, fixed.
    1. USED FOR LOW TEMPERATURE-70 °C to high temperature 280 °C, heat preservation performance is good.
    2. Resistance to ozone, oxygen, light and climate aging, excellent weather resistance for field use.
    3. Good Chemical Corrosion Resistance, oil resistance, water resistance [ washable ].
    4. High Strength, soft and flexible, can be cut and processed.
    The utility model has the functions of smoke exhaust, noise isolation and vibration isolation, and can be applied to the soft joint and the variable diameter interface of the smoke exhaust system of a building. It features high temperature performance, working pressure, gas flow rate up to 20 meters per second, long service life, light volume, easy installation.
    1. fossil-fuel power station. The boiler. Gas Turbine exhaust system. Dust removal system.
    2. Petrochemical Enterprise: Boiler. Industrial furnace flue gas desulfurization device, wet. Dry Air duct. 
    3. IRON AND STEEL PLANT: Blast Furnace. Converter. Dust removal and smoke extraction system.
    4. SMELTER: Combustion Furnace and other exhaust system
    5. Cement plant: KILN. Dust Collection. Dust handling plant system.
    Installation of soft connection of canvas
    Easy to install, there are clamp type, flange type and other connections.